Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The beauty that surrounds us!!

I went up to "High Heaven" yesterday. It's a place above town and I hadn't been up that particular road for years. I knew it would be beautiful up there so I grabbed my camera before I headed out. I'm so glad I did! Although I didn't take many pictures, I was, once again, amazed at the beauty that's all around us. Wow.

The story of why I was going up to High Heaven in the first place is kind of interesting. I've belonged to a homeschool group for, let's see....yikes! It's been thirteen years!! Anyway, one of the co-founders of our homeschool group, known as "HEY", lived up in this area.

A couple of weeks ago, some of the kids from this group started going to a gymnastics class that the local gymnastics place set up for homeschoolers. (Yay! Thanks, Li'l Champs and Heidi for doing the legwork on this!). So, we're at the class and a woman and her daughter come in, just looking for a class for her daughter to try out. She had no idea that we were homeschoolers and we had no idea that she homeschooled! So, we chatted and it turned out that her daughter, Emily, was in Quinn's kindergarten class when he did his stint in public school last year. They ended up pulling her out of school after I pulled Quinn out. Our group had an event planned for the next day and so she and her kids joined us for that. Here's the funniest part: When she was explaining where she lived, I realized that it was where the woman who had co-founded HEY used to live! So, not only did she stumble upon a group that she and her kids have been longing for, but she also finds out that one of the women who started the group used to live in her house...the group was started, basically, *in* her home! I'll have to tell her that part! We had many a meeting in her living room.... even came up with our "Motto" in her living room, although no one knows what ever happened to that.

I love synchronicity....and I'm not talkin' about the Police here, folks!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Why do I have a blog? No, I'm really asking...."Why do I have a blog???"

I'm starting this blog because.... well, because my friend, Lisa, has been pushing me to start one! :) That's not to say that I won't enjoy it... I've always loved to write and it really does make
perfect sense. But, I have so many interests..... can I put artsy stuff and musings about gardening and raising teenagers all on one page?? I also don't want it to take over my life... you see, the Internet is a Gemini's dream-come-true. Using their hands to type, plus communicating with... well, whoever, most Geminis don't really care....communicating with our hands?! We're in our glory!! So, then, I worry that taking care of a blog will take over my life! (They keep telling me that it won't, but I'm not convinced!) Here it is 5:47 p.m., I'm due to be at Lisa's house at 7:00 for our monthly Mom's Game Night, and I still need to assemble and bake an apple crisp. But, here I am, working on my blog!, I'm not convinced.....please, wish me luck!