Friday, September 23, 2011

More Round-Robin photos

Here are the last two books! This first one was themed, "Teapots, Cups and Hats". This first spread, "It's Time for a Tea-Party" was completely unplanned. I mean, I only meant to do one spread in this book, because of time constraints, but the first things I did were the teapot, hat and "zentangle" fashion. Then, after I got the background on this first spread, I realized that those zentangles were *not* going to go with that background! So, I started my hunt for some images that were completely different!

These images are the "zentangles". They were fun to do! I used some new gels pens to do the "frame" around both pages and to add all the text with. I just wrote things that I thought of when I think of having tea! Scones, crumpets, lemon curd, good friends, favorite hats, ginger and lemon tea, Earl Grey... you get the picture!

This was the last book I did.... with the theme of Vintage Sewing! This first photo is of the "sign-in tag". The owner of the book provided the tags, for us to use, but we could decorate them however we wanted. I used some fabric that I also used in the spread, so it was coordinated.
This is the spread for this last book. It's funny.... I was so excited about this theme, being one dear to my own heart, but found it to be the most daunting! Perhaps because there were so many ways I wanted to approach it and so little space!! I don't know. I do know, though, that you have to trust the process with this kind of art! (All kinds of art?? I know that's true of painting!)
But, with this kind of art, you just don't know what it's going to end up being. I'd have ideas, but sometimes those would be changed, completely, as I worked! Sometimes, I only had a very basic idea and it just took on a life of its own.
It was a very rewarding project. I tried new techniques. I learned about working with mixed-media and I learned some things about myself. I had done very little altered art... but, have been wanting to (and collecting supplies!) for about five years! So, when the question of doing this round robin came up (on the altered books yahoogroup that I run), I was intimidated, needless to say! There are people on there who've worked in this media for years... and who are very good! Also, people who've been published in the "best of the best" magazines and books of this particular medium! But, I also knew that it would force me to play with all those collected supplies! It would force me to take the time to do art! That's exactly what it did. It was wonderful!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I contributed to these peoples' books.
I look forward to the next Round Robin!
~ Teri