Sunday, May 29, 2011

First small bouquet of Spring

Signs of Spring if it would just warm up a little more! Oh, well. Bring some of those signs of Spring inside, where it is warm and dry, and you'll feel better!

I keep this small, glass, hanging vase in my bathroom as long as there are flowers blooming. I love making petite bouquets! It's a great way to use Pansies and Nasturtiums, among others, which usually can't be put in a regular bouquet because of their short stems.

This one has Columbine, "Cecile Brunner" tea-roses and Daisies. These Daisies bloom really early. They appear to be just a common, Shasta Daisy...but, I have other Daisies that look exactly like these, that won't bloom for another few weeks.

The Cecile Brunner (I've always heard it pronounced with a long "u") is a heritage rose....dates back to the 1880's. My house was built in the 1880's, so it seems that it belongs here. I planted it about three years ago, I believe, and it has already covered up the corner of my picket fence (which was my plan!) and beyond! I'm pretty sure that not all the Cecile Brunner's have a scent... but, mine has a lovely scent! If the little bouquet is entirely roses, you'll smell it when you walk into the bathroom. And, when I'm watering, weeding, mowing, whatever... out near it, while it's blooming, I can smell it from ten feet away! These roses will grow and grow.... I have to keep cutting mine back, because I'm training it to stay on the fence.

I thought this was a perfect specimen of a Shasta Daisy! Look at that center! And, all the petals are perfect. Beautiful.

For some beautiful roses, have a look at Heirloom Roses. If you can go there, even better! I'm lucky enough to live only about thirty minutes from them, so, when I was planning my wedding, over twenty-two years ago, I called them to ask if I could get some miniature/tea roses from them for my wedding cake. They said I could; to stop by. I went over, the day before the "big day". A woman went around with her Felcos (the best cutting tool around!!), and clipped off a ton of these little beauties for me. She'd say, "These?" "How do these look?" Snip, snip...... When we were done and I had a box full, I asked her how much money I owed. I can't remember exactly what she said, but basically it was, "Oh, nothing." They didn't charge me for them! And, they were so beautiful, cascading down and around our wedding cake!

Here's to beautiful flowers and generosity!

Enjoy the day!

~ Teri

Monday, May 16, 2011

The winning sci-fi film!

OK... I got the "go-ahead" from Angela. So, here's the link
to Maklar, Anyone? Check it out!

As you were,

~ Teri

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Aliens have landed!!!



Like, out-of-this-world different!!

The 12th annual UFO Festival, also known as "Alien Daze", happened this weekend! I believe it's the largest event of its kind in the country.

In 1950, a Sheridan, Oregon, couple saw this thing flying near their home. They were able to take a few pictures of it. It's the only UFO photo that the experts haven't been able to debunk. Now, jump ahead.....years later. McMenamin's - the McMenamin brothers who buy old - usually - buildings and renovate them into hotels, pubs, theaters, etc....(usually all of these amenities are on the same premises) buy a building that was known as Hotel Oregon in the '30's.

It had a restaurant downstairs and hotel up. They renovated it so they'd have a pub downstairs, a "cellar bar" below....two stories worth of hotel rooms above, which also includes a room for concerts, benefits, etc.....and then, the top level is the crowning jewel! The "Rooftop" bar! A few tables of indoor seating, but outside is the place you want to be on a beautiful, warm, sunny evening! Especially if it's a full moon! You have a wonderful view up there! If you are traveling through, you definitely should stay at one of their hotels!! One of their first places is called The Edgefield.... it was the old "poor house"..... it's beautiful out there, especially in June/July when the gardens are in bloom! It's in Troutdale... just a bit east of Portland. They do a summer concert series there and it's a great place to see a music act!!

Anyway, I digress. McMenamin's (fondly called "The McMillionaires" in these parts) got wind of this story of the Trent's and their photo and they brilliantly came up with the Alien Festival! (Which, by the way, includes lots of live music, a McMenamin's "beer garden" - they're known for their micro-brews, guest UFOologists/speakers, and this year they had the first-ever UFO film festival! Amateur film-makers.....although the winning film in the adult division, called Maklar, Anyone? didn't look so amateurish. (It was made by Angela and Phillip Guzzo, friends of mine!) If Angela gives me the "go ahead", I'll post the link to the movie later. :)

That first picture, of the button? That's one of my daughter's and her friend's hand-made buttons. They draw them, watercolor or color-pencil them in, then make prints of them and turn them into buttons. They dress up and put them all over their fronts and sell them as they walk around.

To see the photo that started it all, go here:

The McMenamins' own marching band played, as they do at most of their big events....they are so good! There was also a band called The Garcia Birthday Band..... they said they're on Facebook...check them out! See them when you can!

Well, look who showed up?!

Alrighty...... signing off now, but just wanted to share these pictures with you... and let you know about this fun festival! You should check it out if you're ever in the's always the second weekend in May!!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

~ Teri