Monday, November 16, 2009

My first Victorian Coronet

Greetings! Boy, is it a blustery day here!! Quite windy and, although I haven't seen any rain, it looks like it could just dump on us at any moment. The wind has been howling, though! This will certainly put a damper on the last of the beautiful leaves that are hanging to the trees. :
Anyway, I've been crafting. I'm working on some Christmassy blocks right now... almost done; photo will come later. But, first, this is a Victorian Coronet that I made a week or so ago. I've been wanting to make them for a year or so, but hadn't gotten to it. So, I was getting together with a few friends, for one of their birthdays, a week or so ago, and two days before we were meeting, I decided to make one of these for her birthday! I figured if I had a short dead-line, that would make me do it and get it done. One of the ladies at the local quilt shop used to say that I worked better under pressure... because I'd come in for fabric for dresses for my girls, like two days before Thanksgiving and say I had to make them for Thanksgiving! :) (I always got them finished!) :) Plus, since her birthday is so close to "Christmas decorating time", I thought a Christmassy thing would be nice. I bought this beautiful box at Jo-Ann's, (which I wish I would've taken a picture of!) for her to store it in.
It was really fun to put together! A little overwhelming, at first, but that seems to be how I am with every project I do. I get my supplies out and then I think, "How will I *ever* decide which paper to use??" ... as in the main paper for the cone. But, I bought that paper, with that in mind, and it was still the best choice, at the time. :) So, I went with it. I decided to add Yo-yo's... only buttons were in my original plan. I learned some things by doing this first one. But, the only thing I really wished I'd done was to put little eggs in the nest. I didn't have any. :( I do now.
Hmmmm.... I might just do a tutorial on it... I did take pictures as I went along.
Well, enjoy the weather, wherever you are!!
~ Teri

Monday, November 2, 2009

The gang of jack-o-lanterns!

Happy Halloween, a couple days late!

Here are the kids, carving their jack-o-lanterns! Well, the one in the red isn't mine, but we've known her for most of her life! It was such a gorgeous day and it continued into the evening. The moon shone brightly as we walked around... it didn't even get cold! Cool, but not cold. :) We walked as long as the littlest of kids could take it. When we were close to our house, again, one of the moms says to her 3.5 year old, "We're almost back to the Patty's house" and he says, "Thank you!"
It was fun. One of our friends brought some mulled wine over with her, so we had that to come back to.

Here are my kids, plus two that aren't mine. All the blonde kids are mine. :) Little pirate, monkey, big pirate.
Ack! Where'd the picture of the finished jack-0-lanterns go?? I hate when that happens!! I'll add it, by itself.
The time has changed.... it's 7:42 and I'm ready for bed! I do like the Fall and "going inward" stuff... but, I don't like how it happens just all of a sudden! Feeling like going to bed at not-even-8:00?? Geez... that just makes me feel old!!
Well, I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful season and are staying healthy! Take your vitamins, people!!!
Enjoy the day... or night.....
~ Teri