Monday, November 16, 2009

My first Victorian Coronet

Greetings! Boy, is it a blustery day here!! Quite windy and, although I haven't seen any rain, it looks like it could just dump on us at any moment. The wind has been howling, though! This will certainly put a damper on the last of the beautiful leaves that are hanging to the trees. :
Anyway, I've been crafting. I'm working on some Christmassy blocks right now... almost done; photo will come later. But, first, this is a Victorian Coronet that I made a week or so ago. I've been wanting to make them for a year or so, but hadn't gotten to it. So, I was getting together with a few friends, for one of their birthdays, a week or so ago, and two days before we were meeting, I decided to make one of these for her birthday! I figured if I had a short dead-line, that would make me do it and get it done. One of the ladies at the local quilt shop used to say that I worked better under pressure... because I'd come in for fabric for dresses for my girls, like two days before Thanksgiving and say I had to make them for Thanksgiving! :) (I always got them finished!) :) Plus, since her birthday is so close to "Christmas decorating time", I thought a Christmassy thing would be nice. I bought this beautiful box at Jo-Ann's, (which I wish I would've taken a picture of!) for her to store it in.
It was really fun to put together! A little overwhelming, at first, but that seems to be how I am with every project I do. I get my supplies out and then I think, "How will I *ever* decide which paper to use??" ... as in the main paper for the cone. But, I bought that paper, with that in mind, and it was still the best choice, at the time. :) So, I went with it. I decided to add Yo-yo's... only buttons were in my original plan. I learned some things by doing this first one. But, the only thing I really wished I'd done was to put little eggs in the nest. I didn't have any. :( I do now.
Hmmmm.... I might just do a tutorial on it... I did take pictures as I went along.
Well, enjoy the weather, wherever you are!!
~ Teri