Sunday, February 19, 2012

A different quilt pattern

Just in case you're thinking that I can only do one quilt pattern....   :)  I started doing that Bricks 'n Blocks one because I just loved how it looked and it was so easy to put together!  Usually, when I'm making a baby quilt, I'm giving it as a gift and I've waited until the 24th hour to start it!  
So, anyway, I kind of fell into that one quilt pattern...also, because I knew it so well. I don't have to think much about the sizes of anything. You just add more rectangles/squares if you want it to be wider and/or longer.  (I've never made a quilt for any of my own kids.....isn't that awful?!)  Someone at my local quilt shop, where I have shopped for 30 years, once said to me, "Oh, you must work better under pressure", because I was in there picking out fabric about two days before I needed to have a Thanksgiving dress made for my daughter!  Really... do you think that's it??  That I work better under pressure?  Is that the case with all procrastinators??  Hmmm.......OK, let's go with that!

So, anyway, this was a "rocket" quilt.  I love the bright colors and the "space/rocket" motif. 

I just made an ATC this evening.  I'm going to someone's house tomorrow and she asked me to bring some of my ATC's.  Man...I've put all my ATC's into a swap or a contest.  I don't think I have any of my own, anymore!  So, I decided to make a couple, to take over to show her.  I'll post them here, later.... one has some glittery stuff on it that's still drying.  I don't want it to stick to the scanning bed.  :)

I need to get some reading in before I go to sleep.  I'm on the sixth book of the Outlander series, by Diana Gabaldon.  There's one more book after this one.  Oh, my gosh... I don't know what I'm going to read once I'm done with this series!  What could possibly be as good???  I welcome suggestions, especially if you've read the series!  :)


          ~ Teri 

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