Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Let is Snow"!! And, boy, has it!

I made this for a friend, for Christmas. I had the embroidery finished but just finished making it into a pillow today. Yeah, yeah.... I know... I'm late. What's new? I swear that I'm going to start making gifts early for next Christmas!! Early, as in... January!! No, I get all my good Christmas ideas in about the first or second week of December! I actually appreciate that stores put things out earlier these days.... it gives me good ideas earlier! I don't understand why people think they can wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start making a zillion gifts, baking a zillion cookies and batches of fudge, writing to friends that they only write to once a year, which you'd like to put a little thought into... no?? So, my friends, you can remind me, next July, that I need to start making things now, not in December!! Mabye that'll work.

Anyway, this embroidery pattern is from Crabapple Hill ( and Meg Hawkey. I love her stuff! My oldest daughter, who reminds us nearly every day that she hates the snow, asked me if I could make another one of these pillows, but, instead, make it read, "Make it stop snowing!" Such a wit. No fear, dear, it was 50 degrees today! Downright balmy! I think the snow is gone for a while.

Personally, I loved it... but, then I had the freedom to stay home... I didn't need to try to get to work, etc.... It did keep us from music practice with our bandmates a couple of times, but, oh, well.... we'll make up for that! :) I loved the snow falling while Christmas carols were playing and the smell of baking cookies was wafting through the house. I can't tell you how many times one of my kids came in the backdoor and said, "Oh! It smells so good in here!!"... either because of cookies or dinner cooking. Music to a mother's ears, for sure... especially when you have teenagers!

We had a wonderful Christmas as I hope all of you did. I love this "lull" week of getting ready for the New Year. I'm excited about the coming year... not that this year was bad; it was a great year... but I look forward to all the fantastic things the Universe has in store for us!

I wish you all a happy, healthy and properous New Year!


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Lisa said...

Those cookies were delicious, too. It was such a nice thing to get when we'd been stuck in the house for so long!