Saturday, December 27, 2008

This was the view outside our back door a few days ago. We definitely had a White Christmas this year! I thoroughly enjoyed all the snow, but I was able to stay home if I needed to, so that made it nicer, for sure. We did have a limb snap, after being weighted down onto the power line that goes to our house! It wasn't ten minutes before Wayne called the Water and Light people, to alert them of the issue, that I heard it go. It landed on the top of Wayne's truck, but, luckily, it was small enough that it didn't do any damage...and we were really lucky that it didn't pull down that power line!!! We're grateful that we never lost power.... our home was toasty and cozy all through the cold-spell, even the days that didn't get higher than the 20's. :)

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Lisa said...

We had two small limbs come down too and never lost power and all in all it was nice and cozy, but I did worry about the back portion of the roof and larger limbs coming down!