Monday, July 6, 2009

What I've got blooming right now

Sweet-Peas that I planted last Spring. They didn't grow much and they certainly never bloomed. So, I figured they just weren't even going to do anything. I noticed, though, that they were there all Winter long. Then, this Spring they started growing again! They climbed up into my tea roses and bloomed!! Yay!!

Below is a mini-sunflower. They're only about 18" tall, if that. They have multiple blooms, but they're all pretty close together so you can't really cut them for bouquets. I do have some other ones that are better for that, but they are still in their little, tiny "cells" that I planted the seeds in! Maybe there's still hope. These little ones do look pretty out in the garden, though, so maybe I wouldn't use them in bouquets, anyway??

It's SO much cooler today!! I should be out weeding!! And, transplanting!!

Enjoy the day!

~ Teri

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