Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Keio, at her tie-dying party that we had for her, for her 18th birthday! She's never celebrated her birthday before, due to religious constraints. She doesn't live with her mother, anymore, so we had a birthday party for her! And, threw in some tie-dying because she'd never done that before, either.
It was lots of fun! She even had her own party-hat!!

I made her favorite dinner of mine, Manicotti. Then, we finished the evening off with Aunt Betty's Chocolate Cake (my great-aunt Betty) and ice-cream.
These are some of the bandanas, after being washed. The top-left one is mine. I don't like to wear tie-dyed things, except to bed, but I love doing them!!

Some of the tie-dye party participants, having fun.
OK....gotta get ready to go to dinner in Salem. We're taking her out to dinner, too. :)
Enjoy the day!
~ Teri

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