Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Fall is definitely here. I always look so forward to the leaves changing... and love them while they're in their Fall glory..... and, then, all too often, we get a storm.... it gets windy and Poof! They're all gone. Just like that.

I still have Maples, though, that are just now starting to change! They'll be my last chance for photos. :)

This tree is downtown, in historic McMinnville. It looks so beautiful down there right now! My only complaint... if I had a complaint, which I don't, really... is all the overhead wiring! You go to take a picture of some lovely group of trees and there are all these wires going across them! Ugh! Photoshop would take care of that, probably, wouldn't it? Well, some day I'll have that. Not today.

Here's a little something that I put together for the dining room table.

And, Halloween is right around the corner!!! I mean, that corner is only four days long now! I'm *so* not ready for Halloween.... and probably will not have a costume because of that, but so be it. We've had sickness in this house for a week and a half. I need to make our front porch look not-so-scary. No, you don't understand.... our porch looks scary in the real sense, not in the Halloween goblin and ghoul type way.
Blackberry vines went crazy while I was busy working on the garden, in the backyard, over the summer! You turn your head for five minutes and those little buggers run amok! "Amok", now there's a word. And, here I thought that "awry" was my favorite word. Today it might be "amok". Did I spell that correctly? It's starting to look funny now. Ah, I just looked it up. It can be spelled like I spelled it... or "amuck". Oh, my. It also says this:
(among members of certain Southeast Asian cultures)..a psychic disturbance characterized by depression, followed by a manic urge to murder. Wow. I didn't realize that word was so intense. Well, I'd still say the blackberries have run amok.... they'd like to take over the world!!
Enjoy the day!
~ Teri

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