Monday, October 19, 2009

Reuniting with old friends!

So, here I am, first singing a duet at the Spring Concert, in May of 1976, and then at my 8th grade graduation, June 10, 1976. I've recently reconnected with some of these people; people that I played music with and many of us are still playing, and doing music professionally, which is really great to see! We owe a lot to the man in the first picture, Gary Fredrick(s?), who was our guitar instructor. He did so much more for us than simply teach us how to play the guitar!! He put together different groups, a "Mariachi Group", which I was in, and a rock-band, which my friends were in and some of them backed us up, too. But, the cool thing was that he booked us to play in public places!! We started out going to nursing homes, that kind of thing... then, we were doing a bank opening/ribbon-cutting ceremony, then we started playing in pizza parlors! He took all the sound gear and set it up, ran it, etc..... I *so* appreciate all the work he did for us *now*!! It was such a great experience for 12/13 year olds!! We never got paid.... I don't think it occurred to any of us to be paid! We were just having fun and I'm sure the pizza parlor enjoyed having us there, for free! :) We did bring some people in for them and we benefitted in so many other ways! The Chorus teacher, Mr. Orlando, was equally wonderful. Those were easily the best years of my school career, which is what all these other people have said, too. That's partly because it was a small school, but also because of these two great men and their love for music. They've both left the planet, so to speak, unfortunately. But, I'm sure they touched many more kids' lives than just ours, over the years. I'm so thankful for both of them. I'm sure they're both smiling down upon all of us right now. Rest in Peace, you two.

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