Monday, October 10, 2011

"The Beach".... my first Round-Robin book!

This was the first Round-Robin book that I did. The theme was There's No Place Like Home. I immediately thought of "the beach". I grew up on the beach.... I mean, I lived one mile from the beach, so I spent a lot of time there! The beach culture is completely different than anywhere else. Especially the culture in Santa Cruz, which is where I was.
I found that sweet scrapbook paper with the little huts, surfboards, guitars and bikes and just knew I had to use it in this spread! I loved the colors and the look of it. So, I used it to start from....chose my colors of paint accordingly. I made a little pocket out of it, where I put an accordion-style folded paper, talking about where I grew up and why I chose the beach. Then, I added those beads.
Such a creative process doing this kind of art!
~ Teri

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Halle said...

I love my page!! So fun to know that it was your first!! Amazing work!!