Monday, October 10, 2011

My own book - Victoriana

This is my own book, which five other people worked in. I did these three things - the title page, the sign-in page and the tags and then sent it off. It went to Oregon (about 15 miles from me), Western Canada, Arkansas, Minnesota and Maryland. It was so fun to participate in...what a journey, for my book and myself.
This first picture is the title page. Now that I have it back, I want to add more to that spread. I also still have to do the front/back covers.

This is the sign-in page. The dark-brown paper creates pockets, for the sign-in tags to go into.
These are the tags. Each participant signs one.... their name, where they live and the date is appreciated, but people can do whatever they choose.
Some people sent a little "gift" to the next person who they were sending the book to....that was fun, too. I got several little packets of goodies, because I was the hostess of the Round-Robin.
Now, a different group, that includes some of the same people, are working on an ATC swap. ATC's are Artist Trading Cards. They're always 2.5 x 3.5" and they are never to be sold...only traded. They're just a little piece of art. Here's a great site that has three pages of ATC's, so you can see what I'm talking about. Be sure to look at all three pages! Incredible work here!!
I'll be doing the swap, so that means I need to make two ATC's, to swap... and one for the hostess. I'll post those after the swap is over, so the participants don't accidentally see them ahead of time.
Happy creating!
~ Teri

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