Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm not sure how I missed this little guy... I made him two years ago, and, somehow, he never made it to my blog!  His name is Ollie.  That was a friend's idea... I'm not sure why.  But, it's a cute name, so I stuck with it.  :)  The pattern came out of Martha Stewart's Living magazine.  I know, it's a little early for Christmas stuff... well, not if you're making things, but for general decoration.  I like to enjoy the beautiful colors of Fall before we jump into Christmas.  We already have some Christmas lights up downtown!  They're beautiful, don't get me wrong... but, already???  Really??
Wow....it's shaping up to be a gorgeous, sunny day!!  Cool, but sunny!  Yay!!

I hope it's a beautiful day where you are!

       ~  Teri


Halle said...

He IS cute. I'm surprised that he has remained in tact after a couple years. Or maybe you just do a better job with packing ornaments that I do. By the time New Years rolls around I can't wait to get my house back to normal...I'm not always so careful...just quick.

Teri said...

Hi, Halle!
Well, he was put away with the Christmas stuff... and hasn't been allowed to come out, yet, this year. :) I took his picture back when I made him... just didn't get it on here for some reason. I even had it uploaded to my computer, already, just not on my blog.
Thanks for looking!