Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Surrender to What Sets Your Heart Free - latest mixed-media art


Just a quick "Hello!" and post, to show you my latest piece of mixed-media art.  It's for a friend... I'm pretty sure she doesn't look at my blog much, so I'm hoping she won't see it before I give it to her!  :)

It was fun to do, although I always come to a point where I'm like a deer in the headlights!  I need to do some art-exercises, to get over that.  Choose a time where I won't get interrupted; I can't allow myself to stop... just go, go, go..until it's finished!  Otherwise, I get too "in my head" about it... and our muses can't work through us if we're doing that.

There's an exercise in the book, Kaleidoscope, by Suzanne Simanaitis, (who runs where you get all of the supplies out that they tell you you'll need and for each step ~ you set a timer; when that timer goes off, you move on!  You don't really *have* time to think too much!  You're also not allowed to read ahead, before you begin the project.  :)  I haven't done it, yet, but it's one that's definitely on my "Art-To-Do-Soon" list!

I had the background of this piece done fairly quickly....then, I put it away and had to think about it for a while.... for, oh, about two months!!  I was afraid to go on for fear of messing up my background that I loved so much.  (That's the part that I need to get over!) 

(Any tips or suggestions for working past the deer-in-the-headlights thing would be greatly appreciated!)

Thanks for looking and, please, oh, please, if you stop by, please leave a quick comment!  :)


     ~ Teri


Anonymous said...

Oh way way too cute Teri. I love it. I can't wait to see it in person some day over at her house.


Teri said...

Thanks, Jana! It was so much fun to do...even though I got stuck for a bit!! :)