Thursday, March 29, 2012

An altered-art tip-in swap

Well, it's quite a dismal day here, but I really hadn't noticed that until someone pointed it out to me. My head and heart have been busy creating!! And, I have a little vase of some of my lovely Daffodils right here on my table, so that makes me happy.

The ABAltered Books list is doing a "tip-in swap".
"What's a tip-in?" you ask? It's a page that will go
into an altered book. You tip it in, so to speak, to
an existing book. In the case of a swap, everyone
says what the page size should be (the size of their
book) and the theme that they'd like. The host(ess)
figures out who swaps with whom, although it's
not a straight-across swap. For instance, I'm sending
mine to Carol, a woman in southern California, but
she's not sending one to me... someone else sends
one to me. So, anyway, her theme was Garden Party.
I *love* Victorian anything, so I decided to go with
a Victorian Garden Party theme. After all, the
Victorian era women were the queens of hosting
garden parties!
So, the upper-right picture is the back, which is supposed to have my information.  But, I added a pocket so that I could fold up three pages of information on Victorian garden parties and stick it in there.
This is the front, the actual garden party.  :)  I also created a small pocket (upper right on the piece) so that I could put a small menu in there with what would typically be offered at a garden party.  (It has the ribbon sticking out on top.)
Then, down below is the menu.  I just realized that that picture is a tad out of focus....that's a bummer because I've already sent it off to its rightful owner!  But, you get the idea.  Maybe I'll ask Carol to send me a better shot of it.
I'd never done a tip-in before, so this was a new experience.  It was fun.  I used more paper elements than I normally do.  I usually don't like so much paper, but this just seemed to go in that direction!  I hope she's happy with it!
Now, I have four ATC's to make, for an ATC swap that we're doing!  I have a week before those need to be done, but I better get on that....we all know how time flies... whether you're having fun or not!!
Have a happy Friday, tomorrow!!
    ~ Teri

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