Monday, April 2, 2012

The 4x6 Exchange

So, here's a piece that I did for a global art exchange.
The exchange is being coordinated by the Art House Co-op,  in Brooklyn, NY. They have a different project each week and you can sign up for their emails which will let you know what they've got going on. They just did a note swap... you write a note, a letter, tell a story, etc... and send it to them.   They send it on to someone else and you get one back, from who knows who or where! I SO wanted to do that, but I procrastinated on signing up and I missed out!! I didn't miss the dead-line, but they had met their quota of contributors! I believe they were allowing 1000 people (don't quote me on that)...and they had to close it because it was full. I'm so bummed. :(  What a lesson on procrastinating! 
But, I didn't miss out on this art exchange!! So, here's my piece, "Don't Forget Your Wings".  It's a 4x6 - that was the main requirement; also, that it would lie flat and fit in a standard envelope.  You could paint, draw, write, sketch, print, collage or sew. I hope the person who ends up with it loves it. I'm looking so forward to receiving mine! I wonder which part of the world it will come from?  What kind of art will it be?   My 19-yr. old daughter did a delightful watercolor to contribute, also.

Oh, my gosh... how'd it get to be 11:00 at night?  I'm usually up until this time, or later, but I have to be up early to go to a play with our homeschool group!  And, I still have to read before sleeping!!  :)

Good night!

      ~ Teri

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