Friday, January 9, 2009

Did I say how much I appreciate your comments?

Have I said how much I appreciate your comments? Because, I really do! It's important to me to know that people are reading my blog and to know that they're enjoying it. If you become a "follower", then you will be alerted when I put up a new post. So, you don't have to keep checking it, wondering if I've posted or not! How cool is that??

So, thanks for those comments and keep 'em comin'!



Tonia said...

Hi! I just added you to my blogs I follow list. I found your blog from Lisa's (Tardy Homemakers.) I just noticed your blog on her sidebar this morning and it looks interesting. -tonia

Teri said...

Hi, Tonia!
Welcome to my blog! I hope you don't get too bored here! :) Lisa is a dear friend of mine. Thanks for following mine! Teri

GrowingWildFarm said...

Teri...I am just taking some time this am to comment on blogs I visit but never comment on! I love the colors/design here, it's very nice.