Friday, January 30, 2009

Playing at Cornerstone Coffee tonight!

I'm sorry this post is so late in coming... but, oh well. Life just has a way of getting in the way!
Wayne, Colin and I are playing at Cornerstone tonight! So I hope to see all of my local friends there. (Hint-hint, if you're a local friend!!) :) Wayne will be playing with Quinn, Austen and Hannah, each separately, starting at 8:00. I think that'll take about an hour and then the trio will play. If you missed Hannah performing on Beatles Night, you won't want to miss this!! She and Wayne are going to play Hey, Jude!! She does an amazing job.

We were hoping for this to be a gig for the entire band (bass and drums included), but our bassist had a video shoot to do, with his real job, in New Jersey and it just happened to be this weekend! :( So, hopefully everyone will be available for the next gig. We're hoping to play at Cornerstone again in March. Keep your ears open.

We're also looking to play at some festivals/fairs this summer, so if any of you have any ideas about those, I'd love to hear them! (We're talking Oregon, southwest Washington events). I have contacted "The Bite of Oregon", The Oregon Garden "Brewfest", Carlton's A Walk in the Park and the people who run the Brown Bag Concerts and the Farmer's Market. If you have any other ideas, please share them with me! Thanks!

OK... this is it for now. How are those gratitude journals coming along?
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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