Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The other thing I've been doing

The other thing I started doing a few months ago, (before gardening season came on!) was knitting handbags, to felt them. The first one I did for my sister, for her birthday. I took a picture of it on my phone, but it didn't work when I tried sending that to my email account. Go figure. But, the second one I have right here so was able to take a picture of it. The one I did for my sister was more interesting because I needle-felted some flowers over on the left-hand corner of it. Kind of viney, swirly flowers. I'd never needle-felted like that before, so was a little nervous doing it on a finished project!! What if it looked ugly? Would I be able to take it out?? Well, luckily, that wasn't an issue. It worked out just fine...even while watching television. :)

So, here is the second one I did. The colors were brighter before they were washed all those times.... I liked them better before. The sagey green gets lost in all this purple and there's exactly the same amount of both! I'm not crazy about how this one turned out. I might even try to sell it. :) I shouldn't say that I'm not crazy about how it turned out... it turned out great! But, it's a little big for me, as handbags go. I'm going to try the Booga Bag next....I think the dimensions will work better for me. The other thing is... and tell me if this is odd... but I don't want to carry around a wool bag in the summertime! Even the last few months, I've been thinking that it sounds too warm! To have wool up against you? It just sounds like a "cozy" thing.....I think that would work out better in the Fall and Winter. Is that crazy?
The pic below is a close-up of the felted wool. I'm picky about how the felt looks... I don't like it to look like it's been knitted!! I want it as smooth as possible. I was pretty happy with this in that regard. I got the pattern from Kyla, my daughter, who was doing this project for a class in school. Hers turned out really cool! She played around with colors more. I'll see if she'll let me post a pic of it.

Enjoy the day! Happy gardening, knitting, whatever-it-is that makes you happy!

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