Monday, June 1, 2009

What's Blooming in your neck of the woods??

Greetings! How did it get to be June 1st?!?! Well, I hope that you're all enjoying whatever the season is where you live. We are coming into Summer and I am most appreciative of the dry, hot weather we've been having! A bit hot, yes (94), for working in the garden.....but I work in fits and spurts....starting early to take advantage of the beautiful, warm, clear morning air....then I take breaks in the afternoon when it's just too hot to be out for long. I mean, out - working. :)

My flowers are looking good, although I have more weeding to do....always! I've got stuff in the veggie beds now, too! Yay! The flower to the left of this is Thunbergia, aka Black-Eyed Susan Vine. I love them but I really only love this color and it's hard to find! (They are usually a bright yellow.) They're an annual, but they bloom all summer long, as they climb up whatever you give them to climb onto.

Here are my Cecile Brunner Tea Roses!! I wanted them to cover up my falling-apart picket-fence and they are doing a darn good job of it. They are such sweet little flowers....beautiful, little buds. And, you can smell them from about ten feet away!

These are pansies, "Johnny-Jump-Ups", actually, that survived being under two feet of snow last December! They've been showing off all Spring! Self-Heal is coming up in them now. I need to look up Self-Heal because I know it has medicinal properties, but I can't recall what they are. They say everything you need is right in your own, it's probably something that I could use. :)

Here is a Siberian Iris that was planted last year. Some people were giving away hundreds of them and they gave me lots! I planted several clumps and then gave away a lot, too! I think it was too close to their bloom-time, when I transplanted them last year, or it was just too much for them...not sure, but nevertheless, they didn't bloom last year. But, this year they are putting on a show! They're beautiful! They're a more simple iris than the Bearded ones.

And here are the raised beds and the melons! Right after I planted the cantaloupes and watermelons, a squirrel came and ate the top right off one of the cantaloupes!! Grrrrr!! They've eaten the top off of one of my Cosmos, too! I've decided that I don't like squirrels any longer. :)

I have a few varieties of tomatoes out there, including cherry, grape and pear tomatoes. Tomatillos, "golden" bell peppers, Swiss Chard ("Rhubarb Red", but their stems are a variety of reds and yellows.), green beans, sugar peas, strawberries, potatoes, a few walla-wallas that the girls brought home from Horticulture class, plus a broccoli and cabbage from them. They weren't lookin' too good when I put them in, so we'll see. Oh, some Mesclun lettuces and Patty Pan squash! This family has to have Patty Pans!! Someone just gave me some black zucchini, acorn and yellow summer squash yesterday... so, I'm going to try to fit them in!! :)
I really should be out there right now, working! We're having a graduation party/BBQ for Kyla on Sunday....yes, in six days. There's lots to do out there to get it ready for a special occassion... I have my work cut out for me! But, it's supposed to be cooler this week so that will help. Plus, I'm making a list of all the things that need to be done, so that my kids can help! Austen cut branches out of the Juniper trees yesterday. Wayne bought a small chain-saw that has a guard on it. Uh-oh, I might just go crazy with that thing!! Filberts, watch out!!! :)
Speaking of Horticulture, Kyla got a scholarship for her work in Horticulture!! (She was on the winning team for the State Contests for FFA, so they go to Nationals in October, in Indiana! But, that's not why she got the scholarship.) She also received one from the Master Gardeners of Yamhill County. Did I say how proud we are of her?? We are so excited for her and so is she! Only three days left of high-school! I'm sure, 2.5 years ago, she felt like she'd never get to this point. But, she did it!! Hurray, Kyla!!
OK.... I need to get out to the backyard!!
Enjoy the day!

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Lisa said...

Wow! You've gotten a lot accomplished in your yard this year. I feel like I've gone in reverse this year. :(