Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well, here's the update on my toe! This was taken about 30 mins. ago, so it's current. It looks awful but it is actually feeling better!! Wa-a-a-ay better!! I started taking antibiotics on Friday. It'd been hurting less than 24 hours when it started looking this, whatever this is, it moved quickly. Kind of scary.
I took Monday "0ff" and just layed around, with it elevated, and watched old Lost episodes that I hadn't seen yet. :) I'd been on it so much even though the doctor's orders were to keep it elevated as much as possible and to soak it as much as possible. But, I had a graduation to attend and a party to get ready for!! Once that was over, I took a break. I think it paid off.
It's amazing how slowly the healing process has been, though. And, to not know what the culprit was is rather disconcerting. But, I'm more confident now, though, that it will be totally better...even though it's been looking like it's going to fall off!
I hope you're all having a good day.... and wear closed shoes when you're playing in the dirt! (That's what I think happened.)
~ Teri

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