Friday, December 30, 2011

Look what I won!!

Look what I won!!  I'm so excited!  Especially since I won two things in about a week!  I won the ABAlteredBooks Monthly Challenge, with my ATC "Music Makes the Heart Light".  I run that list, but I've never won the challenge before, so that was exciting!!  Then, I won this give-away over at Courtney Walsh's blog!  I just left a comment.  There were about 250 comments left that week and mine was chosen!  At random, mind you....but, how cool is that?  I love Webster's Pages and this kit looks way cool!  I just received it yesterday.  It will be put to good use.  Oh, there are several other things I won, along with that...but, they've not been sent, yet.  They are:

  • Autographed copy of Carla Stewart's novel Broken Wings

  • 3 Disk set of Harry Connick Jr. CDs

  • Handmade cuff from Farmgirl Paints

  • Where Women Create/Where Women Cook (3 publications in all)

  • Autographed copy of Scrapbooking Your Faith

  • The things I'm the most excited about are the inspiring publications from Stampington & Co.:  Where Women Create and Where Women Cook!  (Mostly, Where Women Create, because I identify more with being creative, in an artsy kind of way, than being creative in the kitchen....but, I do love to drool over beautiful kitchens!)  And, the "cuff" from Farmgirl Paints.  Cuff??  Farmgirl Paints??  I'm intrigued, for sure!!  Thank you, Courtney!!

    Anyway, Courtney's blog is called "Telling Stories - prose, paper, paint, print".  There's all sorts of things there....I can't even tell you how I ended up on it!  :)  Perhaps something that was "pinned" on Pinterest??

    Here's the ATC that won the challenge:

    There's always great art-work entered in these challenges, so I am definitely honored to have won!  And, thanks to Mandy Collins over at Pearl Maple for the goodie-prize!!  All the way from Australia!  A lovely little care package for someone who loves to do altered art.

    So, are you ready for the new year??  I still have some Christmas gifts to finish up....which I was really hoping to have done before the new year, but I don't think that will happen now.  :(  I really wanted to be done with Christmas; totally, thoroughly, completely done before the new year hit.  Otherwise, I feel like there's old business hanging on from the last year.  Of course, there's always "old business", but you know what I mean.  Business that needs tending to before you can move on to other things.  So, okay, I need to get off of here and get working on that stuff!  Hopefully, by the time I do the next post, all of that will be done and in the mail...or wherever it's going.... and I can breathe a sigh of relief.  Wish me luck.  :)

    Happy New Year!! 

    ~  Teri


    lee said...

    What a fabulous win,its going to be great being in swaps with you!Congrats on the ATC win too! Great work!

    Teri said...

    Thanks, Lee!! Yes, I'm looking forward to more swaps! Happy New Year to you!

    ~ Teri