Monday, February 23, 2009

Just some "this 'n that"......

Oh, my goodness.... how is it that nearly a month has gone by since I last posted? Well, okay, not a month.... a mere twenty days. But, how does this happen? Excuse me, but wasn't it just Christmas?!?! How is it nearly March?? I have to say, as far as the weather goes, I'm glad it's nearly March. But, us Western Oregonians are so easily lured into a false sense of security when it comes to "Spring". Being from California... at least this is what I remember, but it may not be the reality at all.... I do remember, growing up, that it always rained on the first day of Spring. But, it was *always* sunny and warm on my birthday (June 10th). So, once daffodils started popping up and showing off, the weather became increasingly nicer and nicer. ("Increasingly nicer"... is that a redundant phrase?? Should it be "increasingly nice"?) Anyway, it was more like a gauge that you could see going up, steadily, until in June, it was just plain ol' nice. I don't ever recall the 4th of July being "iffy" as to whether it might rain during the fireworks down on the beach in Capitola! It just didn't happen! Now, there are parts of California that are also all dried up by June... and, well, not a pretty sigh in my humble opinion. But, this was the central California coast.... where the moisture from the ocean (and the fog) kept things pretty green... and it generally didn't get very hot. Vegetation grew with "wild abandon", as they say.... much like here, in the beautiful Willamette Valley!!

I hear it from lots of people.... a few days of warmer weather and the popping up of croccus' and daffodils and budding of camelias and they start talking like it'll only get Summer's coming!! Ha! No, Spring is coming and it can be the longest of seasons in this area. I don't want to rain on their parade, but it's likely to get worse before it gets better, folks. This winter, in particular, we've had little rain... so I fear it's going to all come crashing down (as in "cats and dogs") in the next few months. I almost wrote "several months", but I'm not even going to put that out into the Universe. I start getting cranky when it's still cold and rainy after July 4th. I always say that summer in these parts starts on July 5th. It can be rainy on the 4th and shatter all your best-laid barbeque plans, and, then voila! .... the 5th is graced with gorgeous blue skies and temperatures in the 80's! What's that all about?! I don't get it, but it's the way it is.

I'm looking forward to changing the look of my blog, to something more Springy! But, I want to be able to take a picture of my blooming daffodils and pansies when I do that... and, well, I'm still having a camera problem. I need to take it (or send it??) to be fixed, but I'm dragging my feet on that. I'm afraid it's going to cost an arm and a leg to fix it. But, now, it won't charge at all... so it's useless, basically. Even after changing the battery.... no lights come on when I hook it up to the charger/printer dock. ~huge sigh~ If anyone has any ideas, please share them!!!

Oh, I can hear the rain on the skylight! It's been a long time since I've heard it rain that hard! Don't get me wrong... I enjoy the rain and all the beauty it gives us (believe me, I've come a long way since moving here in 1981!!)'s just when it goes on and on and on and on....then, I get tired of it. And, well, after all the snow we had this year and how cold it has been, fairly consistently, I'm ready for warmer weather. I'd be okay if it weren't for these teases that we get. That's when we start thinking that change is imminent. It's coming, but it's probably not imminent. Be patient.

I think that's all the rambling I need to do right now. Thanks for listening!
I hope you're enjoying "Spring", no matter where you are! (as long as you're in the northern hemisphere, obviously!)



Tonia said...

As a native Oregonian I have seen the "it always does something on this day or that day" change drastically through the years. I am ready for some warmer weather. At least some sun, it doesn't have to be balmy just brighter please. My daffs are just about to bloom, the crocuses-croci? are going nuts and my tulips are obviously gearing up for their moments. The best though is the winter Daphne. It smells so good. Sorry to hear about your camera. Good luck. -tonia

Teri said...

Hi, Tonia!
Thanks for your comment! My "croci" got pushed out by grass. :( I always say I'm going to plant more, but I never get around to it! I love it that they'll bloom even if snow surrounds them....and they are such a beautiful sign of Spring to me. But, alas, I have none! Some of my daffs are about three inches tall....but most are just coming up. I can see one little piece of a tulip emerging...I have daffs and tulips all under a dark-pink Dogwood tree...I love it when they're all blooming together!! Just gorgeous! Can hardly wait to have pics of *that* on here! When I see that, it's hard not to think "life is Good!" Take care.... oh, do you not live in Oregon any longer?

Tonia said...

I do live in Eugene still. Though thinking about a move. Just not quite sure yet.