Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Revisiting fabrics for pillows

Hi, again!

So, here are the fabrics that I ended up with, for the couch pillows. I love them, but now that they are home and I could put them right up next to that blue couch, the dark blue on the bigger flowers isn't anything like my blue couch! It has way more green in it. But, oh, well.... if I was trying to match it perfectly, I would've bought an 1/8th of a yard and taken it home to check because I know that it's very difficult to match colors up just from your mind!! Well, for me, I think it's impossible. Maybe some people can do it successfully, but I'm not one of those people. :)

My oldest, Kyla, saw these fabrics, though, and said, "I hope those are for a quilt for me. I love those!!" So, that was nice. They would make a nice quilt. By the way, the top two, in the upper photo, are Moda, of course, called Tranquility, by Sandy Gervais. All the others are called Kashmir III, by Sentimental Studios, also Moda. I say, "Moda, of course" because I'm always drawn to the Moda fabrics. I'm like a Homing Pigeon with them! I often don't realize that they're Moda... I just like the look....and I check and sure enough...Moda! And, now I'm learning to write down the name, designer, etc....!! I'm just a slow learner, I guess.

I keep saying, "Today I can get started on those pillows!!" But, no-o-o-o-o! Other things keep coming up. Today is a totally full day, starting with gymnastics for Quinn at 10:30, eat lunch afterwards, leave for Sheila and Andre's at 1:45, to drop Quinn off there; be in Salem at 3:00
for a consulation with the surgeon who will remove half of my thyroid. Oh, and maybe stop by to get some flowers and go see a friend who just had pins and plates put in her leg because her dog and his doggie-playmate knocked her over and caused her to break her leg!! She was in surgery when I stopped by yesterday so I'm going to try again today. Then, home for dinner and off to Sheila and Andre's, again, for music practice! Oh, Cornerstone went well, over-all. It was fun. My voice had a couple of weird moments when I was singing solo (just great), but other than that, it was fun and good! A good crowd at the beginning, although they weren't all there for us.... they just happened to be in there, playing Scrabble! But, they clapped so they were paying attention, somewhat. :) Our thanks to our friends who did show up, though!! Kymm and Matt came all the way down from Vancouver, (Washington), about an hour and a half drive; that was much appreciated!!

OK... time to get Quinn up and ready for gymnastics!


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Lisa said...

I like those blues and browns. They would look nice on quilt!