Saturday, February 28, 2009

A little clarification on that rain thing....

A friend of mine who just moved here from Arizona emailed me and said that, in all our conversations and emails about Oregon, I never mentioned that it rained "until the 4th of July"! I realized, even before getting her email, that I think I made it sound like it rained, consistently, until the 4th. That's not what I meant!!! We get lots of beautiful weather before that....and it gets warm, seemingly all of a sudden (!!), before that.... but the weather in Oregon is unsettled until about then, generally. The 4th of July can go either way. Generally not too cold, though.. but it can be rainy and 70 or clear and 100. So, just watch the weather report.... or consult your Runes or Tarot cards or whatever it is you do to figure out what tomorrow might bring...before you plan your BBQ's! And, make sure the inside of your house is clean, too, just in case all your guests end up inside! But, rest assured, it'll break 80 degrees before the 4th of July! :)

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