Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For the Locals: Tonight is the open-mic!!

Tonight is the open-mic at Cornerstone Coffee. Wayne and I have been running this open-mic for about a year and a half now. It's going great! We were holding it once a month, but we've added another night because it's been so popular. So, now, it's every first and third Wednesday of the month. The music runs from 7:00 to 9:30, with sign-ups starting at 6:30 (and usually ending by 6:35!) Cornerstone has great coffee drinks, teas, smoothies and now even milkshakes! I usually play by myself or have someone sit in with me, but I don't think I'll play tonight because I've only been practicing our band music lately, not the stuff I play alone. Usually, the first Wednesday is the more crowded one, anyway, as far as the performers go, so it's easy for me to sit it out. :)

We organized a Beatles Night that happened on August 23rd. I wish I had photos of that to share with you!! It was such a great event! There were 100 people in there! Great talent... just really fun, all around. But, unfortunately, I was running the show, helping with sound and busy recording the evening.... I couldn't take pictures, too!! Next time I'll have to ask someone to help me with that. Wayne had wanted to have one in the Winter, but I think it'll probably be an annual Summer thing. If we do them all the time, they won't be as special. :) So, keep your eyes open for that announcement down the road!

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