Monday, November 3, 2008

Six Random Things

OK... I had wanted to participate in the "six random things" tagging, but I've decided to just share six random things about myself with you. I am not in touch with that many bloggers to be able to tag people without them thinking I'm a weirdo. So, I'm just going to share the things that I would've shared, anyway, had I been tagging. :)

1.) My sun sign is Gemini and, yes, I believe in Astrology. :)

2.) I'm from Santa Cruz, California; where surfing (and the wet-suit) began. And, I mean the original meaning of surfing..... out in the ocean... not at a desk.

3.) I play the guitar. (More details on music later!) :)

4.) I believe in reincarnation.

5.) I'm not big on housekeeping. :) I'd like to have a more organized/clean house, but I don't want to spend my life doing that.

6.) I believe in the Law of Attraction and am trying to be more conscious of my thoughts... because they do matter!!

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