Friday, November 14, 2008

The Howl at The Moon Party was so much fun!!

Just a quick update.... the Howl at The Moon Party was a success.... at least in my eyes! I think that the organizers were happy with the turn-out and enthusiasm of the crowd.... I hope so. I was responsible for the music end of it and that all flowed smoothly. (Yay!) Misty Vandiver, who often plays at the Open-Mic at Cornerstone Coffee, played first. She was great, as usual. She does a great version of Romeo and Juliet, by Dire Straits. It's not a song that I would've thought a solo performer could pull off, but she does it...quite well. Second was Nathan Ogden, another favorite from the Open-Mic. He played Neil Young, Beatles, CSNY minus Young and Crosby..... or is it Young and Nash? Well, the song was Helplessly Hoping and I know that Stephen Stills wrote it, but can't remember who accompanies him on it. Anyway, that was all wonderful, too!

We got to play after that and it was lots of fun! We had a few mess-ups, but I think they went unnoticed, for the most part, by the crowd. (I hope so, anyway!) We even played a song (our last one) that our lead guitarist had never even heard before! We gave him the option to not do it, but I think he was feeling inspired by the evening so gave us the go-ahead. It turned out pretty well, considering!

The kids that were there started dancing (??) up front. We joked that it was the mini-mosh-pit. Doing air-guitar while doing the splits!! Quite the scene. :)

Someone asked us for a CD...but, alas, we don't have one, yet! We were asked for one when we played at The Horse Radish, too; so we do need to get on that. We have been working on getting a demo recorded, though, so we can get serious gigs, so that's good. It just takes so much time to get a good recording done and mixed down! I can't seem to even get my dining room table cleared off!!! But, it'll happen. The table and the CD.


Lisa said...

Aw. I'm bummed we missed it. I wonder if they'll do another in the future.

Teri said...

I don't know, Lisa. They said it was really more of a "Thank you" to the community for doing such a great job in supporting the local businesses. It'd be fun if they did one every year, wouldn't it? McMenamin's donated the use of the room, which is very cool of them.... but I don't know how many times they'd do that! Although, I think it was a good turn-out for them, too, with people eating and drinking. I don't know.... but I'm sorry you missed it, too! It was lots of fun.... and I found out that April was sitting at Sheila's table!!! Ugh... I must've seen them and just didn't remember! Sheesh!