Monday, November 3, 2008

Uh-oh... I see that I have a follower!! That must mean that I need to get with it on here!
No, a "follower" is not a "stalker". A follower, in blogging terms, is a person who is either interested in what you have to say, or, yeah, is a creep. In this case, it's my friend, Lisa B., who got me into this mess, I mean, blogging business in the first place! So, I'm happy that she's paying attention.... I think. (Hi, Lisa!!)

So, I didn't get on here to write about that.... I got on here to post a "Fally-photo". (I'm coining that phrase this instant... let's see if it goes anywhere!) But, first, I have a question. Why isn't the word, "fall", being synonymous with "autumn", capitalized?? It's the *name* of something!! We capitalize the brands of cars, for Pete's sake.... why not the names of seasons? And, one of the most beautiful seasons, to boot! Have I told you that I love fall, yet? (Now, doesn't that sentence look weird? You can't tell that "fall" is any special thing in that sentence! So, bear with me because I always capitalize my seasons.)

OK..... I'm getting over my silk-flower phobia. First, though, I had to start calling them "silk flowers" instead of "fake flowers". Although, when I started calling them "silk flowers", I didn't realize that I was mentally preparing myself to actually use them, years my own home! So, this Fall I started thinking that I wanted a "Fally" piece on my table. I wanted flowers, in Fall colors, and I wanted them to last....not a week, not two weeks, but until I start decorating for Christmas, usually the day after Thanksgiving. Is that too much to ask? Well, if you're asking a silk-flower, then, no, it's not too much to ask!!

I happened to buy a vintagey-looking planter thingy, on sale at Craft Warehouse..... you've already seen it if you've looked at my Fally-photo. I loved the look of it... but, when I got it home, I realized that none of my plants would fit in it right. If a houseplant pot is that tall, then it's generally too big around to fit. Most of them were lost down inside of it... with only some plant pieces poking out of the top.... really lame.

I wanted it in the house. So, I decided that if I was going to be able to use it, that I needed to just build an arrangement inside of it. The last time I was at Craft Warehouse, they had all these gorgeous silk-flowers on sale! (Did I just say "gorgeous" and "silk-flowers" in the same sentence?!? Oh, man.) I bought a "frog" that fit perfectly inside of it... and started cutting and sticking my flowers in. I happened to have some Spanish Moss left over from lining a metal flower-box in the summer, so I used that to cover up the frog.

Now, my living room is in transition: My sister-in-law gave us a love-seat that is temporarily in the "parlor"...our house is over 100 years old and it would've been the parlor back then, so there you go. Lest we forget and accidentally call it the "dining room". Then, one of us goes to get the yardstick and slaps the offender on the hand. Just kidding. My yardstick is metal, actually. :)

But, I digress!! (Boy, do I!!) Back to the love-seat. I can't move it into the living room until I can vacuum... and, guess what? I have to take the vacuum up to the Oreck dealer, in Hillsboro!! I don't know where this stuff comes from that gets onto carpet!! Is there some kind of "little-pieces-of-stuff fairy that comes in the night or something?! We have a dark brown (ugly) carpeting in our living room. I know what you're thinking..... "dark brown: that doesn't show the dirt as much." Well, maybe not dirt, but it shows every other *#%*#^ thing!! I think I'd rather have dirt. You could just sweep it up off of a nice bamboo floor. :)

Back to my Fall centerpiece.... my dining table is full..... we haven't eaten on it, as a family, for weeks. We have had many nice dinners in the last few weeks, though!! And, we do eat all together, as a family, just not necessarily at "the table". So, I had to clear off a little table (that I hope gets thrown away, and replaced, in my lifetime) and put my centerpiece on that. My friend, Lisa, and those of you who've been inside my house, will probably notice the background of my photo. The french-doors that go into the parlor are right behind this table. So, no, it's not where this table normally goes.... but because of the lack of a vacuum, Quinn's "fort" that he built in the living room yesterday, etc... this is the only place I could put that little table with my Fall flowers on it.

Ok, ok, I'll add "clear off dining table" to my To Do list.
That reminds me, has anyone read the story of The List in the Frog and Toad collection??

Have a great day, or hour, or week.... who knows when I'll be back!!

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Lisa said...

You can use my vacuum if you need to while yours is being repaired.