Thursday, November 6, 2008

The open-mic was great, once again! We had more than a full roster.....which included a new guy who, I think, was playing mostly originals. He was good. I didn't play.... I've only been practicing the songs that I play with our group, not the ones that I do solo, and since it was so busy, I decided to "sit this one out".

But, I think the group that I play with is going to play at the Howl at The Moon Party, at McMenamin's, next Thursday, the 13th. One of the women who is organizing it asked me if I would take care of the music end of it and pull in some of the people from the Open-Mic. Cool! So, a couple of those people are going to play, in the first hour, and then our group (or a couple different configurations of our group), will play afterwards. The whole thing starts at 6:30.... I think music will start at 7:00. It goes until 9:00.... so, if you live in the area, come and check it out! It's all about the "Buy Local" campaign. To support your local, independent businesses. For more info, go to: At this event, there will be info about local businesses, some art by local artists and the music is local, too! It's in Mattie's Room, upstairs at McMenamin's Hotel Oregon, downtown McMinnville. Food and drinks will be available. It ought to be fun!! Come and join us! Mattie's Room is a kid-friendly venue, by the way! :)

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