Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good morning! Do you like my new banner? My friend, Lisa, did that for me!! Wasn't that sweet of her? By the way, I do have other friends besides Lisa. I just haven't told anyone else that I even have a blog, yet! But, I guess it might be time to unveil it. :)

I awoke the other morning, all excited, thinking of all the things that I could take pictures of to put on my blog. Well, my camera has been acting funny, so I decided to try getting a new battery. I put the new battery in and put it up on the charging/printer dock. No charging lights were on, which made sense, I figured. Like with telephones, they say to put the new battery in and then charge it for something like 16 hours. So, okay. I let it charge for a few hours. No lights still. But, the camera worked better! I could actually take a picture and it showed up on the SD card. Days later, still no lights. Anyone have any ideas??

The point of sharing that with you was that I didn't get to take any pictures of my kids on Halloween, all dressed up!! Well, I did take a few with my cell-phone, but only of my youngest, with some friends, over at Lisa's house. I'll see how they translate to a blog.... or if they even turned out. I usually have pics of the kids carving their pumpkins, getting ready, in their costumes, jack-o-lanterns all lit up, etc.... This year? Now that I have a blog and have some place to share all these wonderful images? Nada.

Oh, well. Halloween is over.... time to move on. (I swear, everytime someone says that in my dear husband's presence, he says, "Move on dot org!" I don't think he's ever even seen the website.... I should have him look at it and he might stop saying that!)

Alrighty, then..... I need to get the camera fixed before Thanksgiving!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day! Remember: Life is Good!!!

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